4 of the 7
...deadly sins. Line art done by Brett Uher. (krynos79.deviantart.com/)
Based on the character created by graphic novel artist and author, Brett Uher. (krynos79.deviantart.com/)
Cloud Dragon
An aerosol dragon inspired by ancient Chinese dragons.
Nerd Bird
We all stand out sometimes.
Cosmic Rays
With cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji
Sandhill Migration I
Sandhill Migration II
Sandhill Migration III
Snow Flakes and River Otters
American River Otter
Fallen Angel
Sir Hare Pixels III
The suffix is an affectation, but he really was knighted.
Cheshire Cat
Autumn Vixen
Red Fox
Vixen Portrait
Red Fox
A Chance Encounter
Red Fox and a difficult to identify butterfly
Big Dreams
Which has bigger dreams?
The Zodiac lion
Lil Devil
WWII-inspired aircraft nose art.
Rainbow Peacock Peace Love
1960s-inspired Pop Art
Red-necked Grebe
White Dragon
Albino American Alligator
Otter Bubbles
North American River Otter
Female Merganser
The Female Common Merganser
Barrow's Goldeneye Duck
Common Merganser Pair
Photographed in Alaska. ©Deinoncote Studios
Prancer on the 'bone
My husky-greyhound doggy rockin' the brass.
Alaskan Coho Salmon
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
Moth Emboss
A stylized and embossed hawk moth.
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Prancer on the 'bone

My husky-greyhound doggy rockin' the brass.