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"Great characters...and a plot that could easily be made for TV. Enter the world of Phillip and his family and go back and forward in time and visit The Stratus Estate!"

Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

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About The Stratus Estate

“I don’t measure myself by what others can do but by what I know my
capabilities to be.”

~Vive Tarkenwore

The Stratus Estate was officially published on April 17, 2017, after more than ten years of imagining, drawing, conceptualizing, writing, fundraising, marketing, editing and proofreading.  In the publishing process, there have been tears of sadness, tears of joy and tears of apathy.  But through all the tears, Phillip and Vive's story has finally been brought to the world.

I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last December to help fund the publishing.  To check out the Kickstarter page, read an excerpt and watch a video about the book, click the button below.

You can also learn more about my novel on my social media sites.  I post updates, character profiles, blog posts and the occasional meme.

Nacthelian Cover Art
Geiger Illustration Art

The Stratus Estate follows Phillip Stratus, a boy who lives in the very distant, utopian future.  There's something different about Phillip.  He lives with his large, quirky, adoptive family, all of whom are powerhouse players in the city where they live, the City of Tarkenwore.  His best friend is Vive Tarkenwore - heir to the prodigious throne of Earth.  Vive is the conceptual child of Queen Nacthelian and King Hasamelis, very tall supernatural beings who have ruled the planet for almost 2,000 years.  Phillip and Vive have many unusual adventures together before they reach the age of 14.  But all this isn't exactly what makes Phillip different from all other Terrans.